Grow Your Own NH Educators: Tackling the K12 Workforce Shortage

Tuesday, 21 June 2022 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

In this interactive webinar, participants will learn how US Dept. of Labor apprenticeship funds and other resources can help us "make lemonade" out of the mounting K12 workforce shortage crisis affecting NH's and the nation's schools.

Organized by the National Collaborative for Digital Equity and the U.S. Department of Labor, this free webinar's partners include the National Center for Competency-Based Learning, Avid Products,



Bangor Savings Bank, Community College System of NH, Convergence, Diversity Workforce Coalition, EnCube Labs, FIRST, Manchester Financial Partners, Manchester Proud, NH Charitable Foundation, NH Coalition for Business and Education, NH Business and Economic Affairs’ Office of Workforce Opportunity, NH DHHS Whole Family Approach to Jobs, NH DHHS Community Engagement, NH Learning Initiative, NH School Administrators Association, NH School Boards Association, North Country Education Services, UNH Cooperative Extension Service, Service Credit Union, UNH Teacher Residency for Rural Education, UNH Carsey Center for Impact Finance. and UNH Carsey School for Public Policy .

We are pursuing five key outcomes:

1.  Diversifying NH's K12 workforce to better serve NH's diverse K12 learners.

2.  Strengthening the modeling by preparation program faculty and their school partners (cooperating educatrs, mentors. clinical supervisors, etc.) of competecy-based learning pedagogy and assessment.

3.  Strengthening the preparation of educators to foster a postive and inclusive learning climate in their classroom, school, online forums and other learning venues.

4.  Restructring how preparation programs are organized and financed, so that even the lowest-income candidates can complete their program mostly or entirely debt-free while earning a living wage and being free of "benefit-cliff" loss of public benefits.

5.  Equipping future educators and school leaders with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to recognize when their students (and staff) are facing digital divide barriers to learning at home, school and in the community and to know how to access systemic digital equity resources and services to overcome these barriers.

Through this USDOL-supported "Apprenticeship Acclerator" webinar, we'll together launch a sustained effort to inclusively draw in more and more diverse voices, perspective amd stakeholders, to mobilize and support a statewie network of local systemic initiatives to strengthen the K12 workforce.

Featured Presenters and Panelists:

Emceed by Jenelle Leonard, NCDE’s director of leadership development for inclusion, US Dept of Labor’s director of the NH state office of apprenticeship Lauren Smith will provide an overview to federal USDOL funding available to support inclusive pathways into the education workforce for lower-income youths and adults. The webinar panel will be moderated by Dr. Mary Ford, NCDE’s chief operating officer who brings 14 years’ experience as dean of education designing and administering affordable, competency-based preparation programs. Steve Appleby, director of educator support and hgher education for the NH Dept. of Education, will share data on what’s known about the NH K12 workforce crisis.  Dr. Carl Ladd, executive director of the NH School Administrators Association, will share his members' perspectives on the hiring crisis as school system leaders.  Dr. Irv Richardson, coordinator of public education and school support for NEA-New Hampshire will explore what we know of school climate and other factors in educator attrition and the key role of effective educator induction mentoring strategies.  Desh Bagley, NCDE's director of learner engagement and leadership, will share about the crucial role that providng diverse youths with highly compelling learning opportunities is crucial to diversifying the educator pipeline.  NCDE’s executive director Dr. Robert McLaughlin will provding framing remarks and briefly summarize next steps enabling an increasingly inclusive network of interested stakeholders to help shape local and statewide efforts to transform together how are schools are sustainably staffed and educators prepared.

Come join us and help make lemonade for and with New Hampshire's children and those who educate them!


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National Collaborative for Digital Equity

The NH-based nonprofit National Collaborative for Digital Equity is committed to mobilizing and scaling sustained partnerships among leaders in banking, philanthropy, education and workforce development, to realize systemic inclusion impacts that lift diverse low- and moderate-income learners of all ages out of inter-generational poverty.

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